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Visit Coventry and be charmed by the city

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Coventry is a culturally diverse city, steeped in history. The Midlands-based city was proud to have been a host city for the Commonwealth Games and was crowned the UK’s City of Culture 2021-2022. 

As if you need any other reasons as to why you should visit Coventry, this beautiful city is home to fantastic attractions, award-winning restaurants, shops and nightlife.


Unlock historical secrets at St Mary’s Guildhall  

Visiting Coventry and want to learn more about the rich medieval history? St Mary’s Guildhall, located in the city’s historic Cathedral Quarter, is the perfect place to visit. The Guildhall astonishingly escaped bombing raids during the WW2 and as one of the only remaining medieval buildings, it still stands as a testament to early Coventry’s power and wealth. 

The Guildhall is home to the magnificent Coventry Tapestry, which along with its spectacular interiors, provides a glimpse into the city’s fascinating history. In the well-loved Undercroft, now known as Tales of Tea, you can also visit the Guildhall for afternoon tea and private dining.


Explore a city full of culture

Pay tribute to our fallen soldiers at the War Memorial Park 

The War Memorial Park is another one of Coventry’s premier parks and attracts around 400,000 visitors from all over the city and beyond every year. Many come to enjoy a casual visit, while others come to take part in some of the many special events that take place throughout the year, especially Godiva Festival.

Roughly 48.5 hectares in size, the park is made up of two areas, the formal garden with the War Memorial and the sports areas, with playing fields, a footgolf course, Splash ‘n’ Play Park and various other play areas. There are also a number of cafés and eateries that are worth visiting in Coventry, which include The Park Bistro, Park Gelato and The Sundae Club

The War Memorial Park and statue is now listed as a Grade II park by English Heritage.



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Tales of Tea


The Bistro at War Memorial Park